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Body Scrub - Lemon Salt by Pure Soul
  • Lemon Salt Body Scrub is one of the best products which is useful to exfoliate and lighten dark marks on your skin.


    Ingredients like Lemon include alpha hydroxy acid and natural antibacterial properties that can be helpful for acne problems for your skin. It is a source of Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium, these minerals and antioxidants enhance the appearance and health of your skin.


    Moreover, Sea Salt helps to restore the skin’s natural pH balance stimulates blood circulation and stops skin infections.


    The other ingredients force to protect your skin along with added moistures.




    • No Chemicals
    • No Preservatives
    • No Animal Derivatives
    • No Petroleum Products
    • No Artificial Colors

    Body Scrub - Lemon Salt by Pure Soul

    • Ingredients: Lemon Zest, Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Lemon EO
      Net Weight: 120g / 4.06oz


      Apply a generous amount to wet skin, massage in a circular motion, and rinse well.


      • Keep out of reach of children
      • Avoid contact with eyes. If contact is made, rinse out thoroughly with cool water
      • External Use Only. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting
      • If you have any medical conditions or are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please consult with a doctor before using this or any product containing essential oils.
      • Do not use essential oil products on any child (all ages) without first consulting a medical physician
      • For medical advice, please consult a doctor.
      • If your skin has an adverse reaction to this product, please cease using it immediately and consult a doctor if needed.
      • Although my products are completely natural, I still recommend that you do patching testing, for allergies, prior to using any of my products.
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